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Belief and Doubt


I. Edward Harrison, prof. of Physics and Astronomy at U. of Massachusetts, 1987

After reading Professor Harrison’s article I was confused. Not in the lack of understanding confusion, but the “now what?” mind set. The main points that jumped out at me were, 1) “Unfailingly, human beings pity their ancestors for being so ignorant and forget that their descendants will pity them for the same reason”, 2) “That our boundless ignorance explains why we feel so confident of success in bounded knowledge? That each discovery creates in the long run more mystery than it solves”? and 3) “the thought that the creative mind fashions the world in which we live. For it means that the mind and reality are more profound than we normally suppose”.

The first point about pitying ancestors for being ignorant really hit me. I must admit I thought I had an advantage over my ancestors all the endless information and knowledge I have access to. This reminded me that with this endless information, not only is there an overload of possibly ‘questionable’ information but also brainwashing. Even though modern society could be considered more technologically advanced and united, even people back in previous centuries were content with their lives because what they didn’t know didn’t hurt them. In a sense knowledge doesn’t necessary hinder ones life but somewhat complicates it.

The second point that every discovery furthers the mystery is worrying to an extent. At the current moment, we have discovered so many cures, technology and systems and we could be considered comfortable with all these innovations. But then again, if we have been able to find all these new things, what else haven’t we discovered. Well, the answer is ALOT! We must not assume that we know everything because the fact is you are probably as ignorant as you were two years ago. In all conclusion, we never stop learning and the moment we accept the knowledge we have collected, is the moment we have become completely ignorant.

The last point is that society is the most creative that we’ve ever been able to be. Since there is so much technology open to almost everyone, almost anyone can be an artist. With things more efficient and time not being a problem, people are capable of being more creative and inventing new things. Knowledge doesn’t necessarily function creativity but technology allows there to be more time for creativity.

II. Climate Reality Project PSA

This video is about the power industry and scientists have over the mass population. It’s scary to think that people may be selfish beings who rather risk their own kind to gain financial riches. Companies rather lie to the people just to be rich and successful even though they know they are slowly killing their own kind? Also, in the video it mentions that some authorities claim there is no found information thus there can be no action to be taken even though they do know. All this withheld information bothers me and makes me wonder are we really that selfish and materialistic? Maybe having authorities and professionals are useless nowadays. Who can we trust for valid and truthful information?

III.  Advertisements

This advertisement is not like the typical boring drug prescription commercial because it takes a humorous approach. Since the voice is monotone and is consistent throughout the video, the action on the screen is whats drawing the consumer audience’s attention. The cautious side effects are also slipped into the middle of the video which is purposely placed to not be as memorable as the funny doctor drilling in the street. Ads are suppose to sell using strategies to convince the audience to buy their products.

IV. Climate Change on Twitter

Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 9.20.51 PM

This tweet is from the MPP Marijuana Policy who is a project working to end the governments war on marijuana users. They hyperlinked an article about how Marijuana is safer than alcohol which is trying to make marijuana look less harmful. The source is biased.

I Believe … Time is Our Greatest Enemy


This is my This I Believe video project. I decided to write a poem after being challenged to be the first in my TOK class! To start writing a poem, I first had to pick one of my beliefs that I could expand on. I chose the belief that “time is our greatest enemy”. To be honest it was difficult to start writing a poem that I knew would be viewed by my class because I didn’t want it to be cheesy but then I again i didn’t want it to sound depressing. I started jotting down my opinions on my belief and actually searched famous quotes about time to get inspired. After making a list of statements and quotes, I pulled key words and put them into a rhyme scheme of ABAB CDCD.

After I wrote my poem, I went into my bathroom and recorded myself reading the poem. I chose my bathroom because it was the quietest room as well as the best acoustics. I actually went into my first floor bathroom but after recording myself and listening to it, I realized the clock could be heard so I had to record myself again. I then had to covert the youtube cover of Dust in the Wind into a Mp3 file and add it to my voice recording. The thing was, I had to figure out how to balance the sounds so you could hear my voice but at the same time be ‘captivated ‘ by the song. That is one reason I chose instrumental music opposed to lyrical music.

To get footage to depict my poem, I started filming a clock and sped up the footage. One thing I learned was that next I should use a tripod because even though the footage looked fine when it was at normal speed, when sped up, the footage was shaky. All in all, I am satisfied with my video but I wish I made my video longer because it is quite short!



Grains of life passing by,

Each day slipping away

Only visible by the color of the sky,

Or by the numbers on display.


Wake up, smell the rose

Time to start living,

If only time froze.

Perhaps move on, start forgiving.


Time is priceless and rare

Once lost it can never be found.

Giving time is the greatest gift to share,

Once used, it doesn’t stick around.


Time can heal a broken heart,

But break the ones that wait.

Time decides which people take part,

In our life and what is fate.


The day your life flashes before you,

Make it worth to see,

Live life to the fullest and pursue,

Dreams, hopes and sail the sea.

This I Believe Essay Analysis


The True Value of Life

      What is the true value of life? Is it made up of a person, a concept or can the value of life be a thing? The power of forgiveness and compassion; that’s what Sudie Bond Noland believes in. At the age of 13, she was in a tragic car accident that left her with chronic  pain, migraine headaches, and a part of her kidney missing. The one responsible for the accident was a drunk driver who was sentenced 25 years in prison . Although her accident was heartbreaking and the pain she had to overcome was heroic, the most interesting part was when her belief  was challenged. Noland expresses how she felt after the accident and why it was hard to forgive, “I was upset about how the ignorance and actions of this person had changed my life forever”. Years later, and after many letters received from the drunk driver expressing remorse, Sudie Bond Noland forgave the man who changed her life. “Forgiveness and compassion can be amazing feelings when you let them into your heart. People deserve a second chance to do the right thing, especially when one may have been caught up in circumstance.” After I read that Noland was going to write the man in prison, I started to think of people I could forgive. If I forgive those people, how would my forgiveness heal them? I’m not sure but I guess that’s just life at its best.