This I Believe Essay Analysis


The True Value of Life

      What is the true value of life? Is it made up of a person, a concept or can the value of life be a thing? The power of forgiveness and compassion; that’s what Sudie Bond Noland believes in. At the age of 13, she was in a tragic car accident that left her with chronic  pain, migraine headaches, and a part of her kidney missing. The one responsible for the accident was a drunk driver who was sentenced 25 years in prison . Although her accident was heartbreaking and the pain she had to overcome was heroic, the most interesting part was when her belief  was challenged. Noland expresses how she felt after the accident and why it was hard to forgive, “I was upset about how the ignorance and actions of this person had changed my life forever”. Years later, and after many letters received from the drunk driver expressing remorse, Sudie Bond Noland forgave the man who changed her life. “Forgiveness and compassion can be amazing feelings when you let them into your heart. People deserve a second chance to do the right thing, especially when one may have been caught up in circumstance.” After I read that Noland was going to write the man in prison, I started to think of people I could forgive. If I forgive those people, how would my forgiveness heal them? I’m not sure but I guess that’s just life at its best.


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