I Believe … Time is Our Greatest Enemy


This is my This I Believe video project. I decided to write a poem after being challenged to be the first in my TOK class! To start writing a poem, I first had to pick one of my beliefs that I could expand on. I chose the belief that “time is our greatest enemy”. To be honest it was difficult to start writing a poem that I knew would be viewed by my class because I didn’t want it to be cheesy but then I again i didn’t want it to sound depressing. I started jotting down my opinions on my belief and actually searched famous quotes about time to get inspired. After making a list of statements and quotes, I pulled key words and put them into a rhyme scheme of ABAB CDCD.

After I wrote my poem, I went into my bathroom and recorded myself reading the poem. I chose my bathroom because it was the quietest room as well as the best acoustics. I actually went into my first floor bathroom but after recording myself and listening to it, I realized the clock could be heard so I had to record myself again. I then had to covert the youtube cover of Dust in the Wind into a Mp3 file and add it to my voice recording. The thing was, I had to figure out how to balance the sounds so you could hear my voice but at the same time be ‘captivated ‘ by the song. That is one reason I chose instrumental music opposed to lyrical music.

To get footage to depict my poem, I started filming a clock and sped up the footage. One thing I learned was that next I should use a tripod because even though the footage looked fine when it was at normal speed, when sped up, the footage was shaky. All in all, I am satisfied with my video but I wish I made my video longer because it is quite short!



Grains of life passing by,

Each day slipping away

Only visible by the color of the sky,

Or by the numbers on display.


Wake up, smell the rose

Time to start living,

If only time froze.

Perhaps move on, start forgiving.


Time is priceless and rare

Once lost it can never be found.

Giving time is the greatest gift to share,

Once used, it doesn’t stick around.


Time can heal a broken heart,

But break the ones that wait.

Time decides which people take part,

In our life and what is fate.


The day your life flashes before you,

Make it worth to see,

Live life to the fullest and pursue,

Dreams, hopes and sail the sea.


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