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Recording Senses


25th of January, 2013: Taking the SAT


– chairs sliding on floor

– pencils dropping on floor

– people blowing their nose/ sniffling/ coughing/ sneezing

– people unzipping their jackets

– people tapping on their desk

– pencil writing on paper

– doors closing

– clocks ticking

– air conditioning roaring

– rain hitting the window

– people’s feet sliding on the ground/ tapping

– wristwatch beeping

– people yawning

– paper flipping/ sliding 

– erasres rubbing against paper

– knuckles cracking


Disruptus Designs


Submarine bubble (made of clear material) that is generated by turtles and has a machine gun as a feature for protection.Image

Musical toaster that can be voice activated to accomplish the desired cooking as well as play music that stops when finished.Image

Marshmallow scented fire extinguisher that is hand held and tastes like a marshmallow!Image



Shopping cart that when used food shopping can store food as well as “instacook ” on the go!design #4