5 Senses Graph


5 Senses Graph

Drove around Kahala, Hawaii Kai and Waimanalo with my friends on Sunday. The view was spectacular especially the ocean and mountain views. The sense of touch and taste were the weakest from this experience. I wasn’t driving, although I did touch the radio and when we rolled down the windows I could feel the wind! Smell was fairly high because of the salty air and the smell of burgers were very strong while driving because we picked them up on our way to Bellows Beach. Sound was one of the most senses used because my friends and I were talking, laughing singing and listening to music on our “mini road trip”. Like I mentioned before we had food in the car and so a couple of times we were tempted into snacking on french fries and chewing gum on our journey! All together the experience was pleasant and full of the five senses.


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