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This is the logo for Public Broadcasting Service (PBS). The logo includes a main face accompanied by two other shadows of the face encircled by a black circle. This is an example of a gestalt logo because there is closure and proximity. Closure occurs when an object is incomplete or a space is not completely enclosed. If enough of the shape is indicated, people perceive the whole by filling in the missing information. For example for the PBS logo, their is no definite outline of the face except for the gap in between the shadows. On the other hand, proximity occurs when elements are placed close together. They tend to be perceived as a group. For example, the three faces are closely together creating a unity of faces which represent people.

Patty Maes’ TED


 Regarding Patty Maes’ TED talk on technology and a “Sixth Sense”, as well as the “Connecting” documentary film, what IMPLICATIONS do you foresee for such knowledge/ perception enhancers?

After watching what designers are trying to do with technology and making it interactive, I am excited but skeptical. I consider myself a traditionalist in the sense that I love writing on paper and doing things manually but I do enjoy the new technology that connects us. I probably wouldn’t purchase the product by Patty Maes’ Sixth Sense only because I think there is  time when knowing too much is dangerous especially when it comes to reading people by their ‘labels’. I do like the thought of all of us being connected but once everyday tasks become virtual and out of laziness easier, I think that we will lose our humanity and compassion. 

BELIEFS, CULTURE, or MOOD affecting the way we see things


Our beliefs, culture and mood can affect the way we see things. All three of these elements link to our emotions and emotions are very powerful yet swaying. Even though something may be good on typical days, if your emotion is tired or sad that day may be influenced and dragged down. On the other hand culture is a point of view and way that you are brought up. Some cultures are polar opposite from each other and sometimes different is off putting or weird (even though they aren’t, they are just foreign). I think that one’s belief can change the way we see things, especially art because the art of expressing one self could be labeled as reckless and disrespecting to one’s religion or morals yet considered liberating and inspirational to another.