Hilary Lawson’s Story


Hilary Lawson’s Story Response:

Visual agnosia is defined as the inability to recognize or distinguish ordinary objects. This condition is rare and unfamiliar. It almost seems like a really strange episode of House or Grey’s Anatomy but its real and this article talks about the life of John who wrote a book called The Man who couldn’t recognize his wife. I think we all take our senses for granted but this condition of being unable to make sense of what you see seems like a big headache because its not like you are blind, it’s just a confusing blob of detail, just not the whole picture. This condition is closely related to the theory of an 18th century philosopher, Immanuel Kant who believed that the experience wasn’t merely the product of sensation but the result of combining sensation and interpretation. Unfortunately for people with visual agnosia, they cannot combine the results therefore not being able to experience sensation and interpretation as a whole. Fortunately, people living with this condition have found a way to adapt by enhancing their other senses but there will never be a cure to reverse the visual agnosia. This condition and theories by philosophers have clarified the importance of the five senses in our world.


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