Theories of Reality


Which of the 3 “Theories of Reality” do you most adhere to? EXPLAIN.

Out of the three theories of reality; common sense realism, scientific realism and phenomenalism, I suppose I most adhere to common sense realism. I am the type of person who doesn’t like to over think because it adds to my insomnia and worrisome. Although I do not completely agree with common sense realism because not everything is black and white but out of the three it seems the most realistic and adhere to me. I believe that reality is different for everybody and that it depends on how we perceive things. I am not saying everything we perceive is real, I am just saying that out of what we chose to see, it makes up our own reality which can be different to someone else’s. Life itself is an illusion but we build reality out of it therefore what we perceive is what we see how the world is. 


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