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Emotion, Music, Memory


In the article, “How Music Affects Us“, the purpose of music as promoting and enhancing cognitive and social skills are discussed. For example, Steven Pinker’s argument is explained that tempo, rhythm, melody and harmony were evolved separately due to the the qualities being separated in different areas of the brain. Personally, music controls my emotions and memory. For each genre of music, there is a feeling that have particularly chosen. In the case of rap music, that is when I am pumped and hyper opposed to classical music which is listened to when I need to focus for studying. Emotion is connected to memory so when I listen to a song that carries a certain emotion, it brings back a memory. For example, in Kindergarten I always listened to the “Ketchup Song” so whenever I hear it, it brings me back to my kindergarten days. The words of the song do not particularly affect my emotion or memory, it is mostly the beat that almost synchronizes with the beat of my heart during the musical experience. Is music really a full body experience? Or is it all in our head?